by Questioner

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released July 1, 2010



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Questioner Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore's Questioner has been called "a band taking post-rock and technical metal into the future." (Decibel)

In 2010, the group's debut album "Questioner" was described as "subversive," "smart, sophisticated metal" while remaining "alive and raw." (Groovemine)

Questioner has shared the stage with East of the Wall, The Atlas Moth, Circle Takes The Square, Dysrhythmia, Rosetta, and many more.
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Track Name: Atlantic I
Iron tentacles soar above black roots. This massive artifice stirs its sandy grave.
Track Name: Atlantic II
The surface crawls with limbs and flesh, shifting through pools deep with blood. Perched on high, my sight grows weak. Fields of towers swallowed by light. Through sun and air, I am pulled into strange waters.
Track Name: Atlantic III
Glowing green, the light dissapears. My flesh pulls me to the floor. Luminescent orbs beckon me to their mouths. Wide-eyed, my lungs fill with fluid. Scores of silent caves puncture the walls. Towering pines wave gently in the deep.
Track Name: Seven Sisters
I had the most wonderful dream last night. We were naked in bed, swimming through the white moon. This parade float is coming apart. The wire frame rots and all the feathers fall to the earth. Open your mouth, she says to me. Lay on the floorboards and wait to be taken. A blade of grass protrudes from the wound. This is the end. I hear the sound of words I've never heard and they tear through me. Her pale skin shone with thoughts of milk, a candle in the sky. The room was cold, like a tub filled with ice.
Track Name: The Return
I see you from across the lake, dripping with oil. The ice opened its veins to your tongue. Every cloud was in your breath, every mountain spoke from your red bones. The still mist collected around your antlers. Wild eyes. Weathered flesh. Yellowed. The moon trapped in your heart. Hold tight this deep breath. I exhale sulfur and become known. You dive into the maze and warn me not to follow. Winter awaits the wood. There is snow in the air. The marsh rises above me and darkness comes.
Track Name: Orbital I
In barren dreams, I sense its warmth. The glowing orb in endless sea. I seek the sun. It radiates ancient solace, eternal heat. One thousand points of light. Melting eyes piercing white. The roots take hold, lashing outward in sympathy, forming my path. Through clouds of fire and burning mist. The skyline appears, pierced by shadows. Blackened structures approach the glass. Things unnatural emerge from orange fog.
Track Name: Orbital II